If You are an Entrepreneur, You Will Appreciate this Story!

No Longer the “Mattress Girl”

In my “About Me” section, I mentioned that I was the former owner of a retail store. Tucked in Organics and is quite literally tucked away in Amherst, New Hampshire in a quaint shopping plaza. As the guru that helped people choose their beds I was known as “Mattress Girl”, “Mattress Lady”, and “Mattress Queen”. If the shoe fits, wear it —so they say!

The shoe did fit. For four and a half years, until my husband and I decided to close our doors and venture into new territory (another story for another blog). The only question that remained was, “What was this new thing going to be?”

My husband has had a successful and busy house painting gig for years, and gave me the world-is-your-oyster-nod-of-approval". Of course, with the caveat that I better get the pearl inside that oyster quickly because we still need to pay our mortgage!

I can honestly say I have never been in that position, I’ve always just sort of fallen into the next thing time and time again, job after job. So, I started searching for positions on indeed.com to see what normal people do nowadays. I gained a lot of skills and valuable experience from my work history as well as running the business, I figured I was hire-able. Should I apply these skills and spruce up my resume to land me a 9-5? Did I want to clock in and clock out everyday? Some aspects of this sounded great! While others sounded a bit like… well, a prison sentence, for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit like myself. I had a hunch I would get a bit bored, a bit too quickly!

Because I wanted to stick to my M.O. of being a business owner, I went and got my real estate license, of course! I had a friend in the business who said I would be good at it and I envisioned myself leading people through their dream homes with them ooh-ing and aah-ing the whole way. After passing the test and going through the licensing process, I started a coaching program and did in fact get my first client. Who turned out not to be a client after all— but at least it gave me the opportunity to quickly learn that I don’t think this is what I want to do with my life, at all! Next up: Financial Planning! Brilliant! I love consulting people and how fun would it be to tell them how to spend their money! I went to discuss this option with two local partners offering an enticing opportunity but I could just never really get on board with the idea in my heart of hearts.

What I really wanted to do…

Was something I had been doing all along without even knowing it! I loved helping people organize events, do projects, manage social media, and build the stuff of THEIR dreams! I loved community, collaboration, and being alongside and supporting entrepreneurs. So, I just simply started saying “Yes” to helping people. I said “Yes” to She Built This and becoming the Chairperson of the Souhegan Valley Chamber. Everything started clicking into place for me and I realized THIS is what it feels like to be following your dreams. This is what it means to dive in!

It is my mission to help YOU follow your dreams and encourage you and stand next to you while you are achieving your goals. Thank you for allowing me on your journey with you!

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