Give from the Crops, Not the Seeds

Giving from the seeds, rather than the crops,
lessens the impact we can make.

Imagine you just went out and bought seeds to start filling your garden with what will soon be cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, kale, bell peppers, beets, chard, carrots, zucchini, butternut squash, and scallions (omit any of those you don’t like). Obviously, late June is probably a little late to be doing this, so you may actually be reminiscing about when you did this last month, or in April rather than imagining… anyway, work with me here!

You just went out and purchased seeds and you’re so excited to be starting a garden. You start planting and your neighbor (let’s call her Betty) comes along and takes half of them. Well, she didn’t just take them, she asked for them and you obliged and gave them to her, willingly. It is your first garden and you have no idea how many of these seeds will actually make it, oh, and not to mention you have mouths to feed, but you give Betty half your seeds, because you’re a “nice person” and she asked.


Fast forward to when your seeds start sprouting into edible salad accoutrements. You’ve been diligent about watering and weeding but…. your garden is looking about half-full. In fact, it looks a little scant. Your family has to keep shopping at the grocery store to supplement the veggies you were expecting to get from all those seeds. And then you remember, you gave half of them away! You stroll over to ol’ Betty’s house to check on how she fared with her half of the seeds. Her garden ALSO looks half full and a little dismal and she also has to supplement by going over to the Piggly Wiggly mart and getting extra veggies.

What if you had kept all the seeds? What if you had waited until your garden grew all of these amazing vegetables and NEXT year, you gave not just extra seeds that the vegetables produced but extra crops because now you had more than enough?!

I heard this concept on a podcast (For the Love of Money with Chris Harder) recently and wanted to apply it to business. Don’t give to a fault or to your own detriment. This goes for time, money, energy, seeds, etc. Protect and nourish what is yours and you will be more abundant and produce more growth, which will help you to create a larger impact. This is not about being selfish, this is about taking care of yourself so that you are your BEST for your business, your BEST for your family, and your BEST for you. That way, when things begin to flourish, you are coming from a place of abundance and have even more to give! So fuel up, my friends!

There are times to be overly generous and give, give, give, and times to quietly plant and nurture the seeds you have within so you can make an even greater change in the future.

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