A New Routine!

I woke up this morning and was welcomed by it being the first day of Summer! So now the fun can officially begin!

In addition to it being summer, the the year 2019 is HALF over! I hope you are well on your way to experiencing one of your best years yet! I know I am most certainly loving it, jumping over hurdles and hitting goals like bullseyes left and right, learning new things and growing as much as possible. Something I am also doing this time of year, to make sure that the next six months are just as awesome is taking stock and re-assessing my goals to make sure they are in line with where I want to be, as well as looking what I haven’t accomplished yet and seeing what I need to do in order to make those things happen. I have also started a bit of a new morning routine to help myself stay accountable which I welcome you to try along with me.

A goal I had at the beginning of 2019 when resolution-setting was at the top of my priority list was to journal everyday. I did pretty well but often I forgot, or I was starting at a blank page and had nothing to say, and more often than not it ended up being like the angsty journals I kept through college, “Dear Diary, Joanne looked at me weird and it hurt my feelings and I don’t think Bobby likes me. So I need to go curl up in a ball and cry for the rest of the day…” Well, ok, they weren’t quite that bad, but Joanne DID look at me weird and you get the idea.

My new method focuses on positivity and working towards my goals AND bonus… it often inspires me to journal at the same time. It seems I ALWAYS have something to say :) I stole a few tidbits from one of my new business girl crushes, Crystal Farley, and I am sure none of what I came up with on my own is really that groundbreaking, but I thought I would share the formula anyway, lest anyone could benefit!

So, without further ado, here is my morning journaling routine:

  • First, I Pick a “Word of the Day” and write that at the top of the page with the date. I like to just keep the word and theme in my mind throughout the day. I have a little jar of cards to choose from with words as amazing as, “Joy”, “Peace”, “Love” to words that make me ponder what is in store for me that day like, “Respect”, “Support”, ‘Willingness”, “Dub Step”. Just kidding about that last one…

  • Three Gratitudes: I start by writing three things I am thankful for. It could be in that moment, it could be overall. It helps me realize what is most important in my life and sometimes my heart is just bursting with gratitude so there is a line that says EVERYONE! But, I try to be specific. I am grateful that my spouse loves me even though I snore and steal all the covers. Oh wait, that’s what he must write about me…

  • Highlight of Yesterday: I learned this one from my friend Kate when we used to share our highlights of the day before! I also love this because I sometimes find I had several highlights or even on a bad day, it ends so very well and you can’t actually complain!

  • What I Could’ve Done Better Yesterday: How do I need to grow? I like to take a minute to be self-reflective and come from a creator-mode rather than a victim-mode. Sometimes it’s a feeling of annoyance that crept up with someone or a circumstance, but I allowed it to irritate me. Sometimes it’s hurting someone’s feelings or expressing my words in a way that could’ve been more couth, and sometimes it’s simply that I shouldn’t have eaten dark chocolate at 8:00pm. I am practicing being more mindful and writing this out helps a lot with that!

  • My Top Three Goals for Today: My to-do-list probably looks like yours… they are long and unruly. You feel like you’re never going to get it all done. I’ve heard so many people tell me that having too much to do can be crippling and they end up being unproductive because of it all. Newsflash: If you’re getting it ALL done, you might be bored, so add “a long to-do-list” to your list of gratitudes! I find it really helpful to identify and put PRIORITY on three things that I know need to get done that day. As I start working on those three, the others magically find themselves being crossed off as well!

Trust me, I have not cracked the code for success yet, but I do find that implementing this daily habit has consistently helped me to get more prepared and focused for my workday as well as fill up on positive thoughts and feelings right from the get-go!

What else would you add to this list? Do you journal daily and if so, what is your method?