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Dog Days of Summer: 30 Days

The Dog Days of Summer Officially Started YESTERDAY! Let's have some fun and learn about YOU!

Don't worry... no need to brace yourself for another intense "Tidying Up Challenge", this is going to be all easy, breezy, lemon squeezy and laid-back like the very best of summer days!

Stacey (from Great Brook Media) and I have 30 days filled with fun planned for you and you're going to have the chance to win a PRIZE!

The quick and dirty details: July 15 - August 15 (as we count down to the She Built This event where we will hear the stories of our panelists), we want to hear YOUR stories about how YOU are building it!

  • Each day, we will have either a question for the group OR a social media-related challenge for you that will help us learn more about each other.

  • Every time you participate, you get a point which will equate to one entry into a raffle for a prize! I promise the prize will be great :-) and we both promise this will be a super fun way to share your stories and your brand with the group!

The 30 days starts Monday! Are you in? Head on over to our Facebook Group to Join:

Ready, Set, Go!