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The mission of She Built This, LLC, is to change lives and create an entirely new way of thinking. By highlighting the stories of hundreds of fearless women that have gone before us, we are shaking up the narrative and giving entrepreneurs permission to stand up and take action on their ideas and passions. Our goal is for the bold statement, “I have an idea to make the world a better place, and I am going to go for it!” to become the new status quo.


Our She Built This events are focused on thought leadership and discussion from New Hampshire’s top female entrepreneurs. Hear the stories of powerful women who have gone before you, learn what daily habits help them to continuously serve and help others every day, and hear some of their tricks for maximizing productivity! Our events provide inspiration, self-discovery, and tools you can use in your own journey!

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Coming Soon! Our book features stunning photography (by my co-pilot: Kristin Hardwick) coupled with the stories of inspired NH women achieving their goals and how they built the life of their dreams. Their stories will make you laugh, cry, and inspire you to fearlessly change your life.


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Listen to the She Built This podcast where you will laugh and learn with Emily Aborn and Crystal Farley. Hear the stories of successful business women in NH who are on a mission to change the world!
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